5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe


Break-ins are never fun to deal with and can be a huge burden on you and your family’s sense of security. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your home safe!

  • Leaving garage door open


As simple as this one sounds, leaving your garage door open is one of the easiest ways to invite burglars into your home. Whether you’re spending the day at a friend’s or even relaxing in the backyard, an open garage door is a huge sign to thieves that there might be an opportunity to score something quick and easy.



  • Leaving doors unlocked


Because most people typically place valuables like phones and keys near entry-ways, leaving your door unlocked makes it extremely easy for thieves to snatch something and run. Even in the safest of neighborhoods you never know who might be around to make a quick buck.



  • Keeping a spare outside of your home


One of the most common misconceptions of homeowners is that leaving a spare key in a hidden spot outside of your home is a good idea. The vast majority of burglars have years of experience and are professionals at locating even the cleverest of hiding spots.



  • Leaving valuables in your car outside of your home


Oftentimes, cars parked outside of homes are the quickest and easiest targets for thieves. By leaving valuables in the car, thieves are also made well aware of the value that you could potentially have within your home as well.



  • Looks like no one is home


The biggest target for a thief is a vacant home. If you are gone on an extended vacation, it is highly recommended to have lights that automatically turn on and off or to have a friend go in person to check up on your home every couple of days.


Ensuring that your home is protected from theft and other potential danger is more important now than ever, and unfortunately these tips might not be enough to keep you safe. Taking the time to invest in a Home Security system will offer you the most protection and security, allowing you and your family to feel safe and secure in your own home.

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